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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Online Coaching Business

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Online Coaching Business

People will tell you why not to do something all the time. 

But today, I am going to share with you the 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Online Coaching Business.


1 If You are Coach, Mentor, Or a Teacher


Coaching is similar to teaching or training. So you are a coach, trainer, teacher, or mentor already; this is something you must get into.

Online Coaches and mentors

It will not make your current students happy but will also allow the alumni students to join you. Many students relocate, discontinuing the course, which can be resumed if you go online 100%.

And we haven’t talked about the unlimited potential of your business to acquire new students, which brings us to the next point.


2 Online Coaching is a Billion Dollar Industry.


We all know how shifts happen in the market and industries.

We have seen the users shift from television to the OTT platforms like Netflix, and that is the shift that we are going to witness in the education industry.

Online Coaching is a Billion Dollar Industry

Parents want their kids to be trained in different languages and skills. 

Extra classes, coaching, art, makeup, dance, music, and craft; we see the shift everywhere. 

Online coaches allow so much freedom to the students, so it is better because students can take the course from anywhere at any time.

We will see a lot of people following their passion in the next two decades than ever before!


3 Record a Class and call it a workweek!


Not sure if you’ve realized it or not, but I’ve seen so many coaches and trainers work hours and hours without resting.

If you’re going for an aerobics class of 1 hour, you feel exhausted, but the trainers take classes for 2-4 hours back to back.

Record Class recording

I think that is too much physical energy to put into it, and some don’t feel good about it.

That is an issue a lot of teachers and coaches face. If you can relate to that, then online coaching is your answer.

Online coaching allows you to record a class and call it a week. You don’t have to teach the same thing again and again. 

Instead, you can record it once and make it work for you for years to come. 

That will make a lot of money, and in the long run, it’s a great business model if you go massively at it.


4 The freedom of working from anywhere.


We all know and have enjoyed working from home for quite some time, thanks to the pandemic. 🙄

The freedom to work from anywhere is something different because this allows you the freedom to be with your family to get on a vacation to enjoy life technically and maybe re-settle into another country.

Working from anywhere

That is the kind of freedom you would want for yourself, and online coaching or online business is something that equips you with that.

If you don’t take this call now and get on this journey, then you might have missed the opportunity of your lifetime.


5 You can live your dreams.


Talking about being able to work from anywhere, at any time, opens up another possibility of choosing the life of your dream.

Online business success

We are lucky to live in a time of technology when we can work from anywhere and enjoy life. That’s what we need to leverage.


6 You can make a more significant impact.


Working online opens up the whole world to you. And if you do it right, you can make a way bigger impact on the planet.

This means that if you feel passionate about a cause of a product, you can be a part of it.

Making impact through online business

It allows you to make a more significant influence and change the world for the better.

It is something you never had coaching or training a batch of students.


7 You are setting yourself up for a better future.


We all know where the future is going towards comfort. It has always been going towards comfort. 

Earlier, we didn’t want to travel on foot, so we created all these vehicles, and now we have airplanes to travel and go wherever we want.

Online business future

Now we have everything at the comfort of our home and when we don’t want to go out except for traveling.

So, going digital sets you up for the future. If you make this move now, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.


8 The perfect way for coaches to find excellent students.


When you teach a regular class in your local area, you often work with students who are not 100% interested in the skill.

Teachers have to face this issue because not every student is interested in the course, and some of them are just there because of the parents or friends.

Finding students online

But when it comes to online coaching, you are likely to find the kind of students who are very much interested in the skill.


9 It takes very little to get started


The investment you have to put into an online business at a fraction of its setup cost for a traditional training center.

Earlier, you had to rent a proper classroom then considering the extra cost of maintaining the students, cleaning, water, canteen/cafeteria, benches, whiteboard, and the other stuff.

Starting online business investment

It is a big investment to start your coaching center or a training center if you do it in your location.

But for an online coaching/training center, you just need a website that would be less than your monthly rent.

Not only that, if you were to hire a digital marketing agency to market your business, it would be less than the salary of the cleaning staff.


10 You don’t have to face the camera too.


If you want to be an online coach and are not very comfortable in front of a camera, that is not a problem.

You can check out my blog, where I have shared how to build your online coaching business without having to face a camera.

I am sure I gave you enough reasons to get started with your online coaching business.

Online coaches camera shy

If you need any help, you can always connect with me on my social media platforms.

My company Asclique Innovation and Technology can also help if you need someone to help you with your marketing. 

Can I Be An Online Coach Without Being On A Camera?

Can I Be An Online Coach Without Being On A Camera?

Online coaching is a billion-dollar industry and if you wanna be a part of this booming industry and become a coach, you must start now!

I know how difficult it can be for teachers, trainers or coaches to be in front of a camera and record their courses.

But if you are camera shy, I have a few suggestions for you to build your online coaching business successfully.

In this blog, I will share how to build an online coaching business without facing a camera.


Screenshare Videos


The first and easiest way to create your course or tutorial videos without facing a camera is screen share.

Here’s how you can record screen share videos for free:

Step 1

Signup to and download the app on your computer.

Step 2

Start a New meeting.

Step 3

Turn off your camera. Check your mic for good audio quality.

Step 4

Share your screen and start recording when you have the right window open.

Using this method, you’ll be able to record the high-quality screen share video without paying anything.

You can pause the recording in between if you need to. It will save the hassle of editing the video afterwards.


Blogging(Using pictures /Screenshots)


Shocking right?

I know how it sounds when someone says they can be a coach through blogging only. But you know what, they are huge websites which are doing it just fine.

Not only these websites are teaching staff that is way more complicated, but also changing lives.

One of the examples is the w3school which teaches HTML, javascript, PHP and everything coding.

If a complicated subject like coding can be taught without sharing a screen or facing a camera, almost anything could be taught.

Another example is wikiHow. It is a website that shares a step by step instructions about anything.

If you search something like ” how to train my dog? or how to buy index funds? ” on google, you’ll get an article from wikiHow in the search results.

The articles come with a step by step guide along with pictures, and you’ll be surprised to see how they make it look simple.

So if these websites can do it, why can’t you?


Podcasting (Speaking)


Podcasting is huge, and it is still evolving.

If you feel shy about being in front of a camera, then podcasting is a really good option for you.

It will not only help you share your thoughts and your feelings with your audience but also allows you to protect your privacy and secrecy.

You can use a business name, so it’s an excellent way to work.

Podcasting is becoming popular, and more and more people are getting into it, which means that it is getting more competitive and professional. So the right time to get into it would be now.

I have my podcast show where I do the same.

So now you have no reason to procrastinate. Get started with your online coaching business today!

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10 Netflix Movies and Shows For Business Owners To Watch.

10 Netflix Movies and Shows For Business Owners To Watch.

As a business owner and passionate entrepreneur, I understand that we don’t like spending time on useless things.


But here’s what I found through experience, if you’d disconnect yourself from your work, you may run out of creativity and get stuck in a repeated cycle of exchanging time for money.


However, if you want to take a short break and disconnect from your world, why not go for something to help you be better at your work.


So without further delay, here’s the list of top 10 Netflix Shows for Business Owners to Watch:


Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is an American crime drama produced by Vince Gilligan. 

This show focuses on a simple fact, “Power moves Business.” 


The show has five action-packed seasons content with Heisenberg as the alias of Walter White, which is sure to disrupt the drug industry.

breaking bad

In the process of growing meth, Walter gets driven by ambition and somehow works to remove competition, form alliances, and protect his partners to staying ahead. Unknown to the fact, that Business owners should calculate their losses and should be aware of when to get out, which ultimately results in Walter’s Downfall. 

The death of Walter White brings the end of Breaking Bad, acknowledging the unwanted risks he took to make more and more profit out of the stake. “El-Camino,” a breaking bad movie that was aired on October 7, 2019, proved a massive hit and received a viewing of 6.5 million people just on the opening weekend. 


Keynote: Business owners should research and should know when to cut their losses.

Why 99% People Will Fail This Year


Money Heist


Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama series produced by Alex Pina. 

The series incorporates two well-prepared heists, which are led by the fan-favorite Professor (Alvaro Morte). 

The Professor believes in teamwork. The two heists are done, First on the Royal Mint of Spain and the second one on the Bank of Spain. 

money heist

Money heist was to be released initially as a series which was to be told in two parts.


KeyNote- The Professor had a lot to bet on his hands planning the heist, but even after being so busy, he could spare up time working out and having an affair. Work/Life balance is essential if you are playing for the long run. If you are going to work all day and night, it will eventually make you emotionally drained and finally quit.


Yes Man


“Yes Man” is a 2008 comedy show starring Jim Carrey with his co-star Zooey Deschanel. The show is directed by Peyton Reed and is written by Nicholas Stoller. 

Overall, the film was successful, receiving mixed reviews from critics but made $223 million worldwide. 

Yes Man


The show pictures Carl, a bank loan officer who stays withdrawn from Happiness after his divorce from his wife Stephanie and needs someone who can change his negative outlook into a positive outlook. 

His mindset and negativity always forced him to say no to every situation. 

The movie is all about how Life can change predictably by just your one decision, whether it is a Yes or No. 


KeyNote- Taking risks is fine until you are prepared for your business’s future outcomes. 


American Factory 


American Factory is a 2019 American show that revolves around a new Chinese company trying to set up in American land.

American Factory


The show is just about how Life can change from a happy phase to a nearly drastically destroyed stage. 


Keynote- If you are establishing your company internationally, you should be prepared for cultural clashes. 


The pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness is an American movie based on the Life of Chris Gardner.

The pursuit of Happiness

The movie is based on the struggles of Gardner while being homeless. The unusual spelling of the word “Happiness” comes from a place where his son used to go for schooling. At the wall of that place, it was written Happiness.


This show reveals Gardner Hardships while being homeless and raising his young son while dealing with an unpaid internship as a stockbroker. 

Gardner’s dream is to live a life where he is Financially stable enough to give his son every comfort of the Life, which he achieves at the end of the show when he gets the stockbroker’s job in a reputed company with his sheer hard work. 


Keynote- Believe in your dream and try to achieve it with all your strength.


The Wolf of Wall Street


This Dicaprio classic is based on the biography of Jordan Belfort. 

This show depicts the real-life incidents of an ashamed Wall Street Stockbroker, who got himself into the craze of living his thriftless Life. 

The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie portrays some of Jordan’s infamous career incidents where he was rumored to be earning around one million dollars a week. 


Keynote- Money, and greed for getting more out of everything should never be the driver to success. 




Ozark is an American series picturing some classic crime drama shots and is created by Bill Dubuque.


The story revolves around the Lead couple Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. They relocate to the Ozarks for Money laundering and deal with difficulties from different ends.


The series is an absolute thriller and has mainly received positive feedback from critics, reviews, and interactions.


KeyNote – Money does not only bring personal fulfillment but also can destroy the greatest of Empires. 


Something Ventured


Something Ventured is a documentary film investigating the rise of American Ventured Capitalism. 

The series follows the capitalists’ old story, who worked with entrepreneurs to build companies like Apple, Intel, Genentech, Cisco, and many others. 

Netflix Movies and Shows For Business Owners

It is a show which includes some great interviews with many of the prominent leaders and venture capitalists.

The film aired on many television stations across the United States on local and public television sets. 


Something Ventured features some of the top venture capitalists, like Arthur Rock, Don Valentine, Bill draper, etc. The entrepreneurs featured in something ventured are Gordon Moore(Cofounder of Intel), Jimmy Treybig(Founder of Tandem), Sandy Lerner(cofounder of Cisco).  


KeyNote- Some extra Risks may result in unknown benefits.


The Big Short 


The Big short is a biographical film based in America. The movie depicts how the financial crisis around 2007 – 2008 affected the US housing industry. 

If you want to see what happened during the previous market crash, it is a good watch.

The Big Short 

Keynote– Grab the opportunities while acknowledging the risks. 


Dirty Money 


Dirty Money is an original television series aired on Netflix, which tells many corporate, corrupt Finances, securities fraud, and creative accounting. 

The series has a total of 6 episodes which is one hour each. The first episode was aired on Netflix on January 26, 2018. The executive producer of the show includes Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney. Every episode of the series focuses on one example of corporate fraud and the personal interviews of the key player involved in each story’s act.


Gibney ends the series wisely with” The Maple Syrup Heist,” which acknowledges the subject’s inherently comedy nature.


Keynote- Always make sure you can differentiate between the opportunities and exploitations. Otherwise, you will be at risk of losing everything.  




These were some of our picks for some business-related series. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments section. 

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The Connection Between Online Coaching and Sex

The Connection Between Online Coaching and Sex

I was working with this female OR****M Coach from New Zealand last year.

The time difference was huge for us to work out, so we didn’t work for a long time. 

But it did open a different direction to me.

We all know the importance of sex and relationship education and its impact on humanity.

But many teachers and coaches don’t realize how big of a responsibility and opportunity the internet has given us.

Millennials are bombarded with all kinds of information from all directions and what they need now more than ever is the correct information.

Until the last decade, you only had one mode of reaching your students—the regular classes. But now, you can make a more significant impact by coaching a generation about managing relationships and sex-related issues.

If you think it is difficult, here’s the list of 5 relationship, dating, and sex coaches who are making it big online.

dating coach

Matthew Hussey – Life and Dating Coach

Matthew is one of the most popular dating coaches out there. 

He’s written best-selling books, featured in dating shows, and helped thousands of women worldwide with dating issues.

You can find more about Matthew on his website.

Samantha Burns – Dating coach and Counselor

A Licensed Dating coach and Counselor at She is a millennial love expert from Boston. 

You can also download her free e-book, “Learn to love successfully!” by visiting here.

She is such an inspiration for aspiring dating coaches.

Celeste & Danielle – S****L Desire Coach

Things can go quite judgemental when someone shares about their S****L desires, and that’s why many people don’t open up about it. But Celeste & Danielle, teaches about getting your S****L desires satisfied.

Their step-by-step experiential practices help you incorporate all that’s necessary for a healthy relationship.

You can know more about them or their institute here.

Myisha Battle – SEX Coach

“Better Sex, Better Life,” the tagline says it all. Myisha Battle has been giving advice related to sex and relationship and getting proper educational qualifications for the same. 

She is connected to public roots and is a member of the Holistic Women Network. 

She has some great teachings to share with her students. Check that out here!

Megan Paige – Sex**l Satisfaction Coach

Instead of only talking about se*ual challenges, Megan teaches her students to experiment with their bodies ‘ erotic ability and genuine desire.

She believes in relationships that can give you the greatest of the Se*ual desires and satisfying relationships. 

Check her Website for more info!

So now that you know it works, I’d suggest you get started now.

Now is all you have.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me on my social media platforms.

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8 Ways To Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level?

8 Ways To Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level?

I have worked with various business owners with different styles of understanding and conveying their messages.

Some want to keep it extremely professional, while some others want to have fun with their audience.

But how do you know what “YOUR” audience wants, and how can you connect with them on a deeper level?

Business owners are selling their products and services so much that they get selfish and ignore their customers’ needs. 

selling your products online in india

I understand that your business needs profits and money, but if you do not give what your customers want, you will not get what you want.

Based on my experience working with so many businesses and marketing for them. Here are the eight ways to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

1 Ask and Listen

Since we live in a world of online business, we have the advantage of having and maintaining a relationship with our audience.

This advantage allows you to ask your audience what they want or get back to them when you hear an issue they share with you.

Ask and listen to your online clients India

Let us assume you are a gym trainer; you can ask a simple question like, “Are you interested in a stretching lesson this evening?” Based on the response, you can plan your next social media live or a virtual class.

2 Focus on Giving

The trade is simple, you give, and you get. If you give your audience the advanced information or guidance, you’ll get those views, subscribers, blog reads, and sales.

Share information with your indian clients

Don’t imagine people purchasing from you on the very first day; give them some time to make that decision and stay in touch with them through email marketing or social media.

3 Understand the Context

Imagine if you were a new member of your audience; how would you be feeling? What kind of information would you prefer? An introduction?

How to understand the context of the marketing

Imagine if you visited a website reading about weight loss and getting back to you in 6 months (happened to me); you could be a different person; maybe you don’t need weight loss any longer.

People change with time; grow up, learn, and they could be in a different state of mind when they came to your website first versus now.

4 Fill the gap

Once you have a clear idea of what your audience wants, your job is to fill the gap between your objectives and their needs. 

Filling gap between technology and Indian businesses

Go in and educate your audience; feel free to open up their minds to thinking, behaving differently. Start with the end in mind.

5 Be honest to your audience

If you plan on building a brand for yourself or your business, don’t ever make false promises to your audience.

Be honest with your audience in India

If you are honest with your audience, you’ll develop a more profound connection with them, and you are likely to receive referrals from them.

6 Kill the Jargon

Using professional language is easy, safe, and comfortable, which means most businesses are doing it. 

If you want to stand out, you have to take it easy and go with the flow. Show your audience your personality, your beliefs, and your approach.

Online business in India

You’ll be surprised to know how many people will be able to relate to you.

You should do this if you are a B2C business and you deal directly with the customers.

7 Open up

If you want to bring change, the first thing you should do is show that you are a human. It is a good idea to share your story and experiences with your audience.

interact with your business team and brainstorm

First of all, it tells your audience that you are not just copying someone. 

Secondly, it proves that you had your share of struggles, and you have something unique to share with them.

8 Get off track

If you are selling, selling, and selling, your audience will not find the value in being with you and your brand. 

Engaging with your audience

If you want to develop deeper connections with your audience, you can go a little off track at times and have communication about the other struggles they are having. Maybe different from the problems for which you provide solutions.

This situation is where you can refer them to someone who can provide solutions.

If you start applying these tips in your marketing content, you’ll find that your customers will be able to trust you and your brand more.