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The Connection Between Online Coaching and Sex

The Connection Between Online Coaching and Sex

I was working with this female OR****M Coach from New Zealand last year.

The time difference was huge for us to work out, so we didn’t work for a long time. 

But it did open a different direction to me.

We all know the importance of sex and relationship education and its impact on humanity.

But many teachers and coaches don’t realize how big of a responsibility and opportunity the internet has given us.

Millennials are bombarded with all kinds of information from all directions and what they need now more than ever is the correct information.

Until the last decade, you only had one mode of reaching your students—the regular classes. But now, you can make a more significant impact by coaching a generation about managing relationships and sex-related issues.

If you think it is difficult, here’s the list of 5 relationship, dating, and sex coaches who are making it big online.

dating coach

Matthew Hussey – Life and Dating Coach

Matthew is one of the most popular dating coaches out there. 

He’s written best-selling books, featured in dating shows, and helped thousands of women worldwide with dating issues.

You can find more about Matthew on his website.

Samantha Burns – Dating coach and Counselor

A Licensed Dating coach and Counselor at She is a millennial love expert from Boston. 

You can also download her free e-book, “Learn to love successfully!” by visiting here.

She is such an inspiration for aspiring dating coaches.

Celeste & Danielle – S****L Desire Coach

Things can go quite judgemental when someone shares about their S****L desires, and that’s why many people don’t open up about it. But Celeste & Danielle, teaches about getting your S****L desires satisfied.

Their step-by-step experiential practices help you incorporate all that’s necessary for a healthy relationship.

You can know more about them or their institute here.

Myisha Battle – SEX Coach

“Better Sex, Better Life,” the tagline says it all. Myisha Battle has been giving advice related to sex and relationship and getting proper educational qualifications for the same. 

She is connected to public roots and is a member of the Holistic Women Network. 

She has some great teachings to share with her students. Check that out here!

Megan Paige – Sex**l Satisfaction Coach

Instead of only talking about se*ual challenges, Megan teaches her students to experiment with their bodies ‘ erotic ability and genuine desire.

She believes in relationships that can give you the greatest of the Se*ual desires and satisfying relationships. 

Check her Website for more info!

So now that you know it works, I’d suggest you get started now.

Now is all you have.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me on my social media platforms.

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