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Globally, many bright leading female entrepreneurs today are the leaders of many big companies, earning good and killing it with their talent. 

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, especially when it comes with such great responsibility where you are responsible for every decision you take. You are the face of the company, which includes representing yourself at various places and looking presentable.

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When the author Jackie Collins wrote a book on female entrepreneurs, no one was ever sure about what the book is or what an actual Boss Lady can do. India is a country where you can find various talents and great entrepreneurs who made it big and are still strong. Whether or not you read the book “Boss Lady”, you are still unaware of all scrutiny measures or difficulties an Indian Entrepreneur lady has to face.

Let us talk about some significant difficulties faced by the Female Entrepreneurs in India: 

Stumbling Block of low Finances 

If you are working in any Enterprise or any startup company, then Finance is one valuable asset regarded as the most crucial factor for any Enterprise. However, Entrepreneur girls in India suffer from an extreme shortage of the minimum threshold finance required to make two ends and end up giving up on their Ideas and continue on an office job as a colleague. 

Indian girls are also unable to generate funds by obtaining funds from external sources by using the property as collateral damage because they do not have any property in their name. Subsequently, their access to the external sources of Funds is limited and relatively substantially short. 

Society is dominated mainly by Males.

Indian Society still has a vague belief that Males are more efficient than females. Though the constitution of India has spoken numerous times about equality between both the sexes, in practice, women are still looked upon as weak in all respects. Women suffer from male reservations about a woman’s role, ability, and capacity and are treated accordingly. In a nutshell, the Indian Society is completely a male-dominated Indian society where women are not treated equally and given importance compared to men. 

Proving themselves

Girls in India always have to prove themselves before they can think of doing something they wish to pursue, whereas if a Male wants to pursue something, they can just follow it without any bonds and limits.

What needs to change is the way we look upon the next Indian boss girl. Gender should never be a barrier to a dream which someone wishes to accomplish.

Widows are treated in an ill manner.

The fact that you need a partner to live a happy life is true. There should be someone with whom you can share all your plans, ideas, happy moments, and a lot more to come in the future. But what happens after your partner has left the world?

Indian girls are forced to live the life of a Widow, even if she wants to live her own life by becoming an entrepreneur. It’s the peer pressure of the Society that forfeits her from achieving that. Society believes that if a girl is a widow, she has no right to achieve her goals. 

It is not the widow who should change herself, but instead, it is the Society that needs to change and improve the world for others.

Lack of proper Education 

Indian literacy rates are not at all good, with maximum cases in women. Almost three-fifths(60%) of the total women population in India are still illiterate, all credits to a society that thinks educating women is just a waste of Capital (money) and time. 

Women lack basic education, so the chances of them getting the qualitative education is next to zero, thereby contributing towards the failure of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

India is a country with a lot of talent which goes unrecognized, what it needs is support and a vision that comes irrespective of their gender.