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It is said that an idea can change the world! But getting an idea that has the potential to transform the “normal” to extraordinary is not easy!

Here are a few handy tips that can help you become a good idea machine:

De-Clutter your Mind

We are continuously bombarded with information from all sides in the modern-day living. Data clutters our mind and hampers clear thinking and consequently our creativity. Therefore, it is important to de-clutter your mind by minimizing your access to data that adds no value to your life. This will reduce the noise in your mind making you more at ease.

Get Organized

You may wonder what being organized has to do with getting good ideas? But if you lead an organized life, you will find that you have more time on your hands. Besides, you will lower your stress levels. So it is a good idea to manage your time well and get your life organized.


To enhance your creativity, you need to empower your mind. Meditation helps you de-stress and provide the required rest to your mind. Meditation can seem tough in the beginning but with regular practice, you will be able to master it. And, it will bring dramatic results.

Be Alert to your Surroundings

Did you think that you need to sit by yourself in a corner to think of good ideas? Think again! The fact is the more you focus on looking for ideas the more good ideas will elude you.

You need to relax and go ahead with a normal schedule, go outside to the park, do some gardening, go for movies, etc. The only thing is when you are performing any such activity be alert to your surroundings. You never know what around you can sow a seed for a great idea! Remember how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity with his experience of the apple falling on his head. Well! great ideas often evolve from simple everyday things.

Reading Helps

Reading definitely enhances your creativity. So, just read good books, journals, etc. and sure enough your mind will start churning out ideas. To give you a quick start, here’s my video on the Top 5 Books That Changed My Life.

Always Record your Ideas

It is recommended that you carry paper and pen with you all the time. This is because you may get an idea on the go. If you do not record that idea on time, it is quite likely that you may forget it altogether!

If you follow these tips you will become a good idea machine sooner than you expect!