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Writing a blog post is never an easy task, starting with selecting topics until you press the publish button. It is quite a tiresome task. Now imagine that all the hard work that you did goes in vain and does not rank up good on Search Engine rankings. That might be a big failure for you because all the hard work that you did has not resulted in anything except sheer loss. So what do you do the next time you are writing a blog? You include some SEO tips in your Blog which help you in ranking higher on Search Engine rankings. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is any such step that helps in improving the qualitative as well as quantitative traffic to your website. This can include adopting measures such as Keyword Research, Link Building, and Page Optimization(On-page Page Optimization and Off-page Optimization). 

These are some steps that you can follow to make sure that the content on your website never fails to rank higher and gets your website the right amount of traffic, 

Using 1-2 long-tail keywords:

Keyword Optimization is required for every Blog Post. Just like every content needs to be grammatically correct, in the same way, every Blog that you write should have at least 1-2 long-tail keywords. When writing a Blog, you should never make the mistake of stuffing in too many keywords, also known as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing never helps you rank higher because it is just a sentence including too many of those not needed keywords, which even the Search Engine will catch easily, resulting in Bad Rankings. 

It also never accounts for the Good Reader experience- a significant factor held accountable for ranking up on Search Engines. Search Engines are always now giving more priority to Reader Experience. 

Strategic usage of Keywords:

Although you cannot stuff in your keyword everywhere, but you can use your keywords in most ways possible, which also includes using keywords at some crucial points such as the following, 


Using keywords in your Blog can surely help a lot, but just stuffing keywords into your Blog does not make any sense. Instead, you can use keywords in your Blog at a cadence distance from each other, in this manner, your Blog or content will give meanings to your sentences, and the usage of keywords can also be handled efficiently. 

You can also include the keyword in your Header body of the Blog, which can be beneficial at times. 


The title of your Blog is the first step for the search engine as well as the user will look for the relevancy of your Article. If not otherwise, you can include some good quality keywords in your Title, which can help lure more visitors to Blog and increase as well as boost the traffic on your website 

Mobile Optimization:

We have been learning that most of the searches performed on any Search Engine comes through a mobile platform rather than a computer. The credits can be levied to the advancement in technology. Every Search Engine now gives more priority to those pages and websites which are well Mobile Optimized.

Google is also heavily giving more priority to mobile-optimized pages, so if you are thinking about helping your pages rank higher, then you should never forget about Mobile Optimization. 

Include user-friendly URL:

Before you go on to publish your blog post, make sure you are giving proper attention to its URL structure. If your URL has a long list of words having no relation with the topic of your blog, then you should consider changing it to a URL that has a meaning and is easy for the visitors to navigate. 

Your URL should be such that it is easy enough for the visitors and the Search Engine to understand what topic your Blog is on and what content they should expect from your site. 

Publish content that remains evergreen:

Whenever you are publishing content, make sure that the content which you are posting remains evergreen, by evergreen here, we mean such content that remains valuable and relevant over a long period of time. Posting evergreen content comes with its own set of advantages. Let us see why posting evergreen content is essential:

  • It helps rank you with time, not just only in the near future. 
  • Has a major hand in steady amounts of traffic coming to your website or Blog 
  • Helps in Lead Generation too. 

These were some of the tips which you can consider while crafting a blog for your website where SEO plays a significant role in boosting the traffic for your website.