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It is truly remarkable how technology has taken over everything on this planet. The devices and the gadgets that we use have become so smart that they are always one step ahead of us. Thus keeping all these in mind, you might get the feeling that if our gadgets and devices are becoming smarter day by day, is our data and information safe? 


You might find it creepy but apps like Facebook and Instagram and almost all the social networking sites have almost all the device’s access and can access your media and everything on your phone at any time but still, we continue to provide them with the ability to access our information. However, there is nothing to be afraid of as most of these apps are trusted apps and they would do everything within their power to protect your data from hackers.

It would be a completely different case if you were to provide your credentials to someone else who would then misuse it. Almost 50 percent of mobile applications ask for access to your device’s location and almost 25 percent ask for access to your device’s camera.

Piracy and Data theft

However, you should have at least a little bit of an idea about piracy and data theft. The various apps would do everything in the power to keep your data safe but if you give your details to someone else and then blame it on the application or the site for your theft, then that would be illogical. Another question that might arise would be how much of your data can others access.


The answer to this is as simple as it can be. The various renowned sites and applications have made it quite clear that the amount of data that anyone other than you can access completely depends upon how much data you will allow, i.e. it depends completely upon you. It also depends on what kind of permissions you give to what kind of apps. You obviously cannot give access to the apps that are not trusted.

You need to think about why the app needs that particular permission. Sharing your personal info on the web is obviously not the best of ideas given the fact that there are always a ton of people waiting for the opportunity to misuse your data.

As a matter of fact, if the apps having access to your devices ever had any intention to leak info, they would have done that  quite a long time ago. You might still be unsure whether your digital privacy is secure or not, thus leading you to hesitate over sharing your data online.


Before you give permissions you must always read the privacy policy thoroughly. The conclusion here is that no matter how smart the technology or even the devices or the gadgets become, we humans will always be in the driving seat, i.e, we will always be the ultimate owner of our data and no matter how much an invader might tries to take over it, we will always have the upper hand. Thus, keeping in hand the fact that we take the necessary precautions and read all the necessary guidelines.

You might have ventured into the online world a few years ago, but you may find that your business is unable to meet the goals you had set! Often we are so excited about our idea and business model that we rush to start our online business and tend to overlook certain vital aspects.