Ankita Kaushal

Professional VA Service

Increase Customer Engagement

A targeted marketing campaign will not only result in high user engagement but also in higher profit.

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers can be your biggest promoters if you provide good service and support to them.

Helping You Digitally Adapt

New Media and Methods of Content Delivery Unlock Virtual opportunities

My goal is to aware businesses about the need to adapt digital trends. And help them setup their business online.

Reduce the cost of marketing and advertisement.

Reduce the cost of acquiring customers and talented employees.

Reduce the cost of customer support.

Business Setup

Embark on your Entrepreneurial Journey choosing the Business aligned with your Interests!

Get Online

Setting up your business online enables you to embrace the changing trends and take advantage of new opportunities. 

Advertise Online

The traditional advertisement wasn’t much targetted in terms of reaching the interested audience. But an online advertisement is.


What’s the better way to improve customer support and satisfaction by engaging with them on a personal level.

Client Acquisition and Retention

Master a Strategic Approach to Client Acquisition and Retention!


Why you should stick around? 
Who is this Coaching For?

This coaching is for business owner who want to invest their hard earned money smartly and earn maximum amount of money from their investment on online marketing.  

Improve Customer Experience

Once your online platforms are set up, you’ll be able to provide better service to user customers. Hence, increasing customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Employee Experience

Your Online reputation will provide security to your employees and stability to your business.

Improve Your Relationship With Clients

A good online presence allows your clients to get back to you.

Improve Sales on New Products

Stable online reputation allows you to easily sell any new products or services.

About Me

I am Ankita Kaushal, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur.

I am a leader who “Dares to be Different!” I believe in taking chances and bravely treading in unknown territory!

As a CEO of 3 different companies, my interactions with people of diverse backgrounds have made me realize the wealth of unexplored potential in people. And, I decided to use my experience to empower people to discover their strengths and become successful.

I am on a mission to help small businesses embrace technology and adapt to the changing market trends.


Ankita was very professional and reliable.

Ankita is fantastic at teamwork, and has great talent! She is one of the best! She can adapt to anything and is quick to learn something new!

I have been working with Ankita for over 5 months. Great work and very reliable.

Investing In Your Business, Brand and reputation is one of the best decisions you can make.

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