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Thinking about moving your business to an online platform or thinking about a new idea and giving it an online platform can be a difficult job, with so many myths and misconceptions about running an online business prevail out there.

Opening an Online business requires a lot of effort, considering both the physical and the financial support. Any inspiring entrepreneur who is thinking about starting an online business believes that starting and running a business is easy and the business can be successful with time. Let us talk about some of the myths which every business owner has to go once through their business journey.

Online Business requires a lot of capital to be invested into it:

People who think about starting an online business strongly believe that starting an online business requires a lot of capital invested into it. Entrepreneurs never pursue their online business dream thinking about the same myth. Many times people around them also confuse them by giving false information about the capital required to start an online business.

In fact, the harsh reality is that Online business requires less capital as and when compared to Offline business as it does not require a physical store as their business face. You need the following, 

  • Domain Name 
  • Website Hosting 
  • Logo Design 
  • Marketing and advertising expenses 
  • Product Inventory and much more. 

Less work and More Income:

Many people believe that generating income through online business is an easy task to do. You do not need to work hard, you can take most of your time off, and you get a fixed income which you can get monthly.

None of the above-said things is true, you can earn capital only when you are ready to work for it. Money never comes easy, and you will always have to strive for it, your income can be boosted with the help of the hard work that you put into your business. 

A lot of money is spent on Business Advertising:

The biggest myth one could ever think of is this one, and many people think that advertising their online business on the Internet requires spending a large amount of money. After they have started with their online business, many people go to some Freelancers for advertising which ask for a large sum of money, thereby making their belief come true.

Advertising for Online Business never requires a large sum of money you just need to make proper engagement with your lead customers, after which everything you post on your social media about your business gets promoted and is recognized by the audience. 

Starting our business all by yourself is too difficult:

When a small business owner comes into the online field, they still lack a lot of practical knowledge and are unaware of how and where to start the online business. They are unaware that starting an online business is just clicks away from them. 

They just need to do a little research and search for those platforms where you just need to do a little bit of customization, and you can get your App/Website as and how you need. They should first gather information on how people in the same business segment are doing and generating income for themselves. 

Getting a domain name is not an easy job:

That is just a myth that is created by those who lack information upon where to start and how to start. If you know the ins and outs of your business, then everything can come easy considering that you get real versed with your business. When searching for a domain, what you should do is search the domain that you want for your website. If the domain name is cheaper and is good to go with your business budget, then you can opt for it else you can consider some other options as well where you can get good deals on your business domain. 

These were some of the myths that can add a bitter taste to the overall Online Business experience. What you need to understand is online business is never an easy job to have. You cannot just earn money by sitting idle in front of your laptop, because at the end, “As you sow, so shall you Reap”.